Aftercare - Damien Keane
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We believe that the upkeep of a garden space is as important as the design implementation of a new garden. Whether we are looking after one of our interior plant layouts, a large contemporary garden or a small suburban space, regular professional after care is essential.


The aftercare service we provide includes not only garden maintenance but also allows for “editing” of the garden throughout the year. This work is always carried out and supervised by a member of our in-house professional gardening team. We recommend at least one visit per week but this can be increased or decreased depending on the season and type of garden space which is being maintained.


We also provide a professional advisory service covering management aspects such as seasonal analysis of work, budget forecasts and management plans.  Plans and specifications for gardening work such as heavy pruning, tree surveys and surgery, planting, lawn care, seasonal bedding and pond care can also be provided.


In addition to maintaining our new gardens to the highest of standards, we often carry out projects including the renovation and rejuvenation of orchards and mature garden spaces. If requested we can investigate the history and style of an old garden or theme in order to compile a comprehensive review and management programme for our gardening team to execute.