The Company - Damien Keane
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The Company

Garden Design and Best Landscaping dublin Irelamd

The Vision

To be the leading provider of an excellent standard of professional gardening design for the locations where the Company operates.

Our gardens have been featured in some of the leading industry publications as well as on television and in newspapers.

We are different…

Our approach to garden design differs from all others, as we are actively involved in the entire garden creation process from consultation to design, construction and aftercare. Damien Keane Garden Design Limited sets out to create outstanding gardens on any site regardless of aspect, site or location.

This hands-on approach allows true artistic flair to take place where it matters: on the ground. We believe there are no limits to what can be achieved, whether in the grounds of a hotel or in a small town garden.  Anything and everything is possible.

Garden Landscape services Dublin Ireland

From design to delivery…

Stained Glass Garden

The Company strives to be a leader in the provision of excellent garden design and management / maintenance of gardens by:

    • delivering independence and consultancy to our clients in terms of garden design excellence.
    • Providing efficient / effective garden construction, project management and maintenance
    • delivering the very highest standards of garden design choices to our clients
    • delivering our services through a professional teamwork approach so our clients’ needs are constantly exceeded

Our Values


The Company has adopted the following values


Professional Approach

Being fair and equitable in dealings, and demonstrating openness in communication


Open and Fair

Being ethical in our dealings with each other and our Clients and having consistent high standards and high quality


People Engagement

Involving people, being fully committed, and being prepared to go the extra mile



We do what we say we will do, delivering on promises



Doing things right the first time



Prioritising what’s important and doing it well



We respect each other in all our dealings