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Landscape Design Services

Landscape Design Services

We offer landscape design services as a complete package as we prefer to be involved with the client for the entire garden making process from the ideas stage through the build, planting and aftercare. Using this approach means we create gardens of outstanding beauty which are really enjoyed by the client as it also allows for much greater attention to detail.

Forward planning and design are the most important elements to get right in the garden- making process. Damien will spend time in the garden in order to get a “feel” for the space and will then follow up with an informal chat to discuss the client’s needs. Every new project is important to the practice and client interaction is essential for fully understanding the client’s wishes and hopes for their garden space. The cost of the initial site visit can be agreed with Damien in advance.

Following this initial meeting, a preliminary letter of intent to design the garden is issued outlining basic design concepts and fees.

Typically, the process we employ would be:

A garden survey:  This includes a report on flora, climatic conditions, soil conditions, as well as other elements such as structures etc. This is an essential part of the garden making process as it allows us to better understand both the positive and negative aspects of the site.


Garden design:  A detailed concept plan will be drafted outlining both hard and soft landscaping. This plan can be as detailed as the client wishes and can include mood images, levels, sketches and axonometric drawings. More heavily detailed master plans can also be drafted if required for an overall plan or for a smaller area within the plan.


Landscape specifications & full costs:  These include a full breakdown of all the constituent parts involved in creating the garden. This report is the building block for the new garden and it should be reviewed in detail and agreed upon before landscaping begins.

“We believe that the secret to a well formed garden is to put the effort into the ideas.”

Landscaping & Project Management

Our landscape design services expertise includes all on-site works including; planting and construction work, drainage, wall building, installation of lighting and irrigation and the construction of water features. This is an essential part of the unique garden creation service we provide as it allow for greater flexibility and control. This in turn allows us to provide bespoke gardens which fully suit the client’s requirements for their outside spaces.
We can either work from our detailed garden design plans or separate parts of a garden can be investigated and landscaped without plans, once the areas are thoroughly investigated and specified.

Detailed specifications: All proposed work will be categorised into phases with separate costs for each phase. A contract is then signed which includes terms and payment schedules. As work is carried out it will be analysed weekly in a project monitoring analysis with all changes recorded.


Fully supervised groundworks: Construction and planting will always be led by an experienced member of our landscape team throughout all phases of the garden build. All our landscaping is carried out by in-house personnel to the highest construction and horticultural standards.


After-care: This service includes not only garden maintenance but also allows for the “editing” of the garden throughout the year. This work is always carried out and supervised by an in-house professional gardener.


Our project management service is invaluable on larger landscaping projects where a number of different contractors are involved. The correct management of time, money and materials on-site is as important as the initial design.


Project management is generally charged at between eight to ten per cent of the overall landscape and design budget.


Our project management service can be acquired for the maintenance of estate and large gardens which can be carried out yearly or on a seasonal basis.


We believe that the upkeep of a garden space is as important as the design implementation of a new garden. Whether we are looking after one of our interior plant layouts, a large contemporary garden or a small suburban space, regular professional after care is essential.


The aftercare service we provide includes not only garden maintenance but also allows for “editing” of the garden throughout the year. This work is always carried out and supervised by a member of our in-house professional gardening team. We recommend at least one visit per week but this can be increased or decreased depending on the season and type of garden space which is being maintained.


We also provide a professional advisory service covering management aspects such as seasonal analysis of work, budget forecasts and management plans. Plans and specifications for gardening work such as heavy pruning, tree surveys and surgery, planting, lawn care, seasonal bedding and pond care can also be provided.


In addition to maintaining our new gardens to the highest of standards, we often carry out projects including the renovation and rejuvenation of orchards and mature garden spaces. If requested we can investigate the history and style of an old garden or theme in order to compile a comprehensive review and management programme for our gardening team to execute.

“The budgeting process is clear and all projects are delivered on plan with no hidden extras.  With the superb after-care service they offer, our garden always looks fantastic!” Claire – Dublin