The Water Garden

Pond Design

The brief from the client for this project was simply to design something different which could be enjoyed from their kitchen window, which just happened to be one of the largest floor to ceiling domestic windows fitted in Ireland to date! Other considerations we needed to take into account at the design stage was the need for some privacy from the adjacent private parking area and the sloped orientation of the terrain, which needed to connect through different levels.

The parking area required heavy screening but instead of building a wall or planting a hedge, we opted to plant a staggered group of specimen shrubs and trees to act as an instant screen which light could successfully filter through.  Working with the natural incline of the site instead of viewing it as an obstacle, we used it’s slope to create a very natural stream with two pools in the area.

water features dublin Ireland
fish pond

Construction and access to the area was a big challenge as was disguising fifteen service man holes.  Calculating the levels and flow rates for the two pools, stream, rill and two water blades required comprehensive forward planning and extensive editing on site.

In conjunction with the site architects, we designed the main large pond to flow under the edge of the house.  This allows for the effect of “walking on water” when the pond is viewed from inside the house.  Giant Koi, aquatic plants and mood lighting together with the effect of water cascading over granite in the stream, we have created an ever changing picture which can be enjoyed from all aspects of both interior and exterior locations.  We specially designed and commissioned a curved water blade feature for the top pool which doubles as a focal point from both the driveway and from the kitchen interior.  A bamboo tunnel which links the front pond with the back garden was planted to create continuity between both areas.

Garden View


Here you can see the project unfold and the water garden start to take shape.